Another Challenge and a Bonus Mani!

So...I joined a group on Facebook, Adventures in Stamping. They also do a weekly challenge involving, STAMPS. My new love. So now I have 2 challenges a week to keep me busy. And right when I start back at my old job.
Anyway - this weeks challenge over there was to use a plate ending in 7. I'm new to stamping and only own 6 plates, luckily I had one that did end in 7, Konad M57. So this is what I did with that:

Its stamped in WnW Black and the thumb blings are Konad M14. Under is Sally Hansen Big Money.
Now on to the bonus! Well...I have a rad boyfriend..whenever I get new polishes, if we are driving, he will always paint his nails with them for me so I can see them right away. His son also loves me to paint his nails. So I guess this is a good obsession of mine because it's widely accepted! So the other night when he came home from work I was doing my nails and he started poking around in my polishes, Ooohing and Aaaahing at all of the glitters. Next thing I know he's painted half a hand with different colors! So I started showing him some of the flakies and what not and, well, here is what happened:

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