When seemingly good ideas go bad...

I was perusing through my inspirations this morning trying to come up with an idea. I had so many in my head I decided to just pick a random one. So I saw something that sparked an idea and that idea went south so quickly!
This is Savvy Deep Amethyst for the base color, topped with Finger Paints Motley flakie. Then I stamped using a Konad plate (sorry I forget the # right now) using Kleancolor Metallic Jungle.
Ugh. Maybe its the fact I used a matte tc? Maybe the flakies just shouldnt be so close in color to the stamping color...because they totally made the stamping look blurry/bumpy when it isn't because they run into it and look the same color under most light. Oh well...

And just for the record - this weeks challenge is Newspaper Mani. I'm avoiding it. I may do it, but I don't want to/am not inspired to. I havent seen ONE newspaper mani I've liked. If you know of one, please comment! Thx for looking!

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