Adventures in Stamping Sunday - ALL BLUE! is Sunday and it's a new stamping challenge over at AIS.
This week's challenge was ALL BLUE - and if you read my previous post, you know this isn't my first attempt.
This mani was so cute UNTIL i dry dropped on it and the residue fogged it up! It was glorious and matte and you could see all the zebra goodness....THIS is the good hand:

THIS is the bad hand:

So apparently...I didn't know that when this happens you can just add another coat and it'll go away, so I added a super sheer green glitter jelly franken to the top just to see what would happen. It made the fog go away but it made the awesome matte/metallic look go away too =(

SO that's that. Here is what I used:
Base- NYC Pier 17
Tips - OPI Russian Navy
Stamp - Kleancolor Metallic Navy

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  1. aw, how annoying!! altho, i have to say, the bad hand looks cool in an anarchic grafitti kind of way xx

  2. True! I should hang on to this one in case there is ever a Frostbite Challenge! <3

  3. Being relatively new to the nail art world, what do you mean by "dry dropped"? Is that using one of the quick-dry top coats? I'm planning on picking one up when I hit the Walgreen's sale tomorrow, so if that's what you're talking about, it's good to know about this clouding thing before I get all upset if it happens to me! :)

  4. Sorry, its the Quick Drying drops. And I actually use the Sinful Colors brand form Walgreens. They are good, you just need to make sure to rinse it off before a top coat or anything!


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