Can't Stop Won't Stop

I'm averaging about 20 new polishes a week...give or take some. I gotta quit it, but it's hard because I go places and see sets of polish for 4 bucks, or $10 off $20 at Sally's....what's a girl to do? Today is a Haul Post in case you were we like these posts? Do you like seeing bottle shots? I love taking product photos (I run an online business so I've spent alot of the past couple of years trying to perfect product photography, even though I'm still far from where I'd like to be with it.) - onto the goodies, hope you enjoy!

Here we have another polish from the China Glaze Electropop Collection - this is Sweet Hook.

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Color Club Boho Set (There are 2 sets, this is #2 I believe) - got it for 3.99!

Color Club Boho Set Unboxed

One of the polishes in the Boho Set, Nouveau Vintage (looks to be my fave of this set)

Color Club Foiled Set - Also 3.99!

Color Club Foiled Set Unboxed

Color Club Foiled Set lined up.

Whatcha think? Do you like or have any of these and if so, what are your faves? I'm becoming obsessed with Color Clubs!

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  1. i love haul posts! and i got these collections at Ross a while back, & even though i haven't used them.. you cant say no to a good deal right?!

  2. Good God! 20 per week?! I cant fathom that lol, my collection is already outgrowing my apartment as it is. Btw your photos are beautiful, I think you've already mastered that part!

  3. I just picked up Sweet Hook. It's very pretty! The Color Clubs are gorgeous!!! Where do you find them?? I can't find them anywhere!!!!! It's frustrating because I love them. Boo...anyway, your pics are amazing and your haul is awesome! =)

  4. at LEAST 20 per week! this week was bad, i found sinfuls for 99 cents at walgreens, i bought like 10 of them!
    Colorsplashnails - i love sweet hook! its nothing unique but i didnt have anything like it and i love it! color club i happened to find at a local little clothing store on super discounted package prices, but usually if i get individual bottles of it i buy them on ebay.


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