Cast Aways!

Popped into Walgreens today on my way to work, the one I call the "good" Walgreens since they have the nicest and freshest new nail sections added and the most current displays. I ran across the Sinful Colors Cast Away Display and picked up a few cool looking dusty shades. Came home and went to pin them to my stash board on Pinterest and realized they were too new to find swatches of! So - I made some! Hope you like them.
I'll just start off to say each of these is One coat of base, 2 coats polish and no top coat.

This is Athens. Athens in all of it's dusty teal amazement. 
Here we have Olympia. A gorgeous dusty lime green creme. 
And lastly we have Zeus. Zeus is a stunning dusty purple with a pink shimmer. I wanted it to be my favorite as I'm on a serious purple kick lately, but in the end, I think Athens won my heart.

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  1. I am so into your blog design. BTW new follower here ;)

  2. Which is the "good" Walgreens? I saw these the other day and I'm unsure which Walgreens. I may have to snag a one or two.

  3. Glamo Nails - thanks so much!
    Taylor - its the one right by the shop on germantown and brainerd. you wouldnt think it, but it is!


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