Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Evolution of a Mani + Smell My Fingers in the Green Ocean!

Ok - I'm gonna go ahead and warn you right now that this is a post of pure and utter awesome.
So many planets aligned in my favor to bring this to you!
Firstly...I picked this glorious beauty up a few days ago:

That's right it says Betsey MF'ing Johnson. Sephora by OPI has teamed up with BJ to bring you a full line of radical nail delights. There's a mini set, a buncha single full sizes and some nail goodies like trend tips and decals (I think). My Sephora only had this, the perfumed pink called It's My Pink, but I believe has the rest (though last I checked they did not have the mini set yet).
But seriously, I love Betsey and bought this regardless of whether I already 50 pinks this shade. Who cares.
Let me also add that it is perfumed with her new scent. I was on the fence about scented polishes, but after this and some Color Club neon scented polishes I have picked up recently, I dig it. Im a fragrance snob for sure, but I have found myself sniffing my fingers all day since putting this on. The lovely Missy at Sephora (yes, she is rad for having the same name as me) gave me a sample of this scent when I bought the polish so double score - I think I love it! Sidenote, after 2 different top coats and a flakie coat, the fragrance still lingers!

So anyway - let's start my mani evolution, shall we?
It started yesterday, with China Glaze's Gaga for Green.

This is a nice shade I didn't have anything similar to. I'd call it a three coater, I was in a hurry and did only 2 here, but I could see some VNL, so it coulda used another. Good formula, China Glaze rarely fails me there.

Then at work today I was showing my gal pal the new Betsey and decided to use it in a tape mani. I've been meaning to do a tape mani since the 1st one I did about a month ago that was a total failure. This one was not!

Here's me holding Gaga for Green (right hand)

Here's me holding It's My Pink (left hand)

THEN - I've been seriously lemming Sinful Colors' Green Ocean since I read someone's post about it last week. I thought I might get a lucky score on it since St. Pats is coming up and apparently its promoted every year in conjunction with that boozefest. So I ran into Walgreens on my way home from work tonight and holy snaps - I found a bin with about 25 of them!!! At one point I had 3 of them in my hand, but I ended up leaving with only 2, as I know my nail cohort friend Taylor will need this in her life.

I loves it. Its a flakie hybrid - its not smooth, it has a gritty glitter texture and has glitters in different sizes, like irregular chunks (shards if you will). Its weird and I love it.

Can you tell I had 3 coffees today?

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