Let's Recap - Sinful Colors Cast Aways Collection

I previously swatched 3 of the new colors from the Sinful Colors Cast Aways collection here.
I've since gone back and picked up all of the others and brought them home to their friends and family.
Some I swatched, but a few I did not because there are some perfectly good swatches of Neptune and Grecian Sun over at Makeup Withdrawal.
I am adding in my original shots from the previous post, so even if you saw those already, there are new ones here as well!

Here is a shot of the entire collection:

Here is a Bottle Shot of Athens.

And a swatch of Athens.

Here is a Bottle Shot of Be Happy. 

And a swatch of Be Happy.

Here is a Bottle Shot of Grecian Sun. 

Here is a Bottle Shot of Greek Isles. 

And a swatch of Greek Isles. 

Here is a bottle shot of Neptune. 

Here is a bottle shot of Olympia. 

And a swatch of Olympia.

Here is a bottle shot of Pandora. 

And a swatch of Pandora. 

Here is a bottle shot of Zeus. 

And a swatch of Zeus. 

My thoughts on this collection....ok, I have not swatched Grecian Sun or Neptune because another great blogger already had so I saved myself some time and linked you to that above to check out, and I cannot "vouch" for their awesomeness - but the rest of the collection blew my socks off a bit.
For a drugstore brand, Sinful Colors is fast becoming one of my favorite brands. They have a great selection of colors and finishes!
My favorites from this collection were by far Athens and Greek Isles. But Pandora and Zeus have these little secret shimmers that are so beautiful. Zeus' shimmer is much more apparent on the nail than Pandora's is though. Each color applied like a dream in 2 coats, but the pickier nail maven may require 3.
Each shade has a nice dusty quality to it, which is something I am pining for more and more these days. 
If you've tried these, let me know what you think of them!

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  1. I had to buy the whole collection when I saw them, they really are amazing colors - thanks for the swatches!

    1. I know right? Im becoming so impressed with this brand!

  2. I just picked up Pandora and Zeus tonight.

    As well as OMG GREEN OCEAN!!!

    Check out my nail blog as well at finger-of-doom.blogspot.com

    1. I know! Green Ocean! I wanted to buy every single one of them!


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