Some Haulage!

We've got a few days off from Challenges (technically I have a corset mani to do for the 52 week Challenge but I'm kinda not feelin' it...shhh don't tell).
So today I'm gonna bring you some random pics!

This is Biscuits, and she loves to be involved in everything we do. Here she is helping Daddy put Mommy's new Melmer together. That's right - I have reached Melmer status! Almost 2 Melmer status actually!

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Here are Color Club's Revvvolution and Backstage Pass
A bottle shot of Backstage Pass and all of it's glittery goodness!
Here is Revvvolution in all of IT'S Holographical Delight!

Here's a zoomed out bottle shot of Revvvolution! 
And here we have some Essie's. L to R they are Sand Tropez, Barefoot & Topless and Armed & Ready.

And OPI Houston We Have a Purple & Did It On Em.

This is Sally Hansen Glass Slipper and CND Effects in Raspberry Sparkle
Bottle Shot of Glass Slipper 
And some Nail Mail from Last Week - Zoya Dovima and Savita - 2 Gorgeous Mattes! 

And just for fun - I did a Wordle today. My boyfriend guessed the most used word would be Nail. I said No way, that's too predictable. Oops.

Thanks for looking - so stoked to have reached 45 Followers! XOXO.

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  1. I have some awards for you at

  2. oh my - LOVE the wordle, and LOVE Biscuits :) xxx tickle tickle xx

  3. i love the wordle too! its so silly to play with! i can ship biscuits to the uk if you want - she's a maniac!

  4. oooh these all look amazing! and your kitty is so cute!


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