Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SRS! (Special Request Swatch): Hello Kitty Night Sparkle

The lovely Courtney from Gaga for Nails has kindly asked me to swatch one of my newest acquisitions: Hello Kitty's Night Sparkle.
I picked this up last week at Sephora, it was on clearance for $5. Once I began applying this shade I realized two things - this is a small bottle, and I'm pretty sure it was used. It seemed like I had to dip down pretty far into the bottle to get some polish on the brush, bummer.
The size on this is .304 oz, is B3 Free and is stated to be high-gloss, anti-chip with UV Protection and resistance to both water and detergent. I may give it the "test" on these claims, since I do love how it turned out.

Left and right hand - sunlight. 
This is:
CND Stickey Basecoat
ONE COAT Hello Kitty Night Sparkle
1 Coat Out the Door Top Coat

That's right, I said ONE COAT. This stuff does it! I could have probably used 2 coats to get any tiny mishaps and bald spaces, but overall, with the smallness of the bottle and the surprise disappearance of some of the product, I opted for one coat. The sparkle in the bottle is slightly less apparent on the nail, but not too bad, not like some polishes I have! Overall, not bad for the price, though I have many others like this so I won't be sad when it's quickly used up.

Of course, I knew this needed a great party hat, and since I bought Icing's After Party also last week and have been dying to use it since I bought it solely after seeing my friend who works at Icing wearing it. Not disappointed in the least, this is my new favorite party hat for polish!
This was one coat of After Party, followed by a coat of Gelous and topped with a coat of Out the Door. Smooth as a baby's booty.

OH PS - I changed my pictures to no black shadow around the edges and slimmed down my watermark a little. However, I did edit some challenge photos last night that will still have the old appearance. But do you like the new photo look?

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