Tattoo Blue aka Q1 Love

It's another off day in the world of nail challenges.
Not for my cat though, she's always hard at work to make sure I don't sleep in, AT ALL.
So I didn't plan anything for this off day, I hadn't realized it was coming and had the choice between showing you some digits or some new pretties. I'm opting for digits, hope that's ok.
A few weeks ago I was double-stoked on finding the newly coveted (and extremely cheap) Sinful Colors Cinderella. At the same time, I had also just acquired my Konad Q1 Plate...alas - the two worlds collided in what I like to call...SUPERAWESOMEBALLS.

(not all of these stamp images are from Q1)

In other news...I really want these new Hunger Games/Capitol Colors China Glaze polishes...but Sally's lies and says they are in stores when they aren't! Why Sally's?

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  1. Ahh I want that plate! This is soo cute!

  2. some of the best money i ever spent - i hated it but its better than wishing and pining for it every time someone uses it!

  3. Superawesomeballs HAHA! This looks great .. I love it

  4. If you stumble in to the Hunger Games polishes I need a comparison of I shop vintage vs. fast track. I feel too gross to go hunting for anything!

  5. thanks ladies! so glad you all like it, its one of my faves for sure!!

  6. I saw on the hot topic website they had the hunger games polishes for some reason..ok what plate is the bird..i gotta have that plate!

    1. i'm pretty sure they only have the polishes because of the movie, they dont normally carry china glaze, its a little weird. the plate with the bird is konad q1. i got mine on ebay. its about 15 bucks plus shipping.


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