Saturday, March 31, 2012

Enter the Giveaway!

I had some haul photos planned for today but I've been swamped at work today - so in the meantime....don't forget about my giveaway! 

It ends TONIGHT!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

You know what I love....?

This may be a random rave post I do from time to time called 'You Know What I Love?'
In which I will go on and on about something ridiculous.

Today - you know what i love?
Being at work and checking all of my tracking numbers on packages I'm expecting and trying to figure out how much stuff is going to be waiting for me when I get home!! I know my Llarowe order is there, Julep, Whimsical Ideas by Pam and I think a bottle of Kleancolor! Not bad for one day!

Favorite Pastel Blue!

Can you believe I came through on a challenge mani? Oh've been more hectic than I'm used to!
Anyway - Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge for today was favorite pastel blue or green.
What do you think I picked?

Cinderella! Aint she purty?

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And again - tomorrow is the last day to enter this giveaway!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Partial Rainbow?

Sorry! I forgot to post before I left for work!
This is gonna be a long week - we have kiddos this weekend and my "boss" is out of town which means I'm essentially taking her place and working more than double what I normally would. So needless to say, it's going to be much more difficult to do my nails this next week.

So anyway - here we have Zoya Veruschka with Essie Shine of the Times on top - followed by Hard Candy Matte Top Coat.

It's like a rainbow minus the blues and purples!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I think this is such an awesome idea - I'm gonna do this in April as well!
I hope I can do it at least once a week with all of the other challenges I have going on!

  • Do as many manicures you want a week!! (once a week or one everyday)
  • You can pay homage to as many or as little Nail Artists you’d like to!!
  • You can do multiple manicures from the same Nail Artist if you wish!!
What must be included in EVERY post:
  • Must link to the original post by Nail Artist!
  • Must tag the Nail Artist!
  • Include a Homage Month tag!
  • All posts should start…
My Homage to [insert Nail Artist linking to original post]…so everyone knows it’s for Homage Month. Then anything you wish!
You can do this any month you want.  I’m doing it for the month of April

Here Comes the Sea Creature!

Today I bring you an awesome swatch from a polish haul I did online a few weeks ago. I picked up two polishes from The Hungry Asian and this is one of 'em - Sea Creature!

First we have my haul - Sea Creature and Sneeze Breeze! How cute is her label!

 Butt shots - pretty, right?!

 Inside lamp light swatch of Sea Creature - TWO COATS!

 Outdoor/Sunlight shots. These were all 2 coats with no underwear and 2 coats of Top coat (1 Gelous/1 Seche)

 And then a token Matte top coat for good measure.

I'm so super pleased with this polish. It was very opaque, I mean look ma, no underwear!
It's a gorgeous sea green/blue packed with black, blue, teal, green and even pink glitters. It's so sparklicious in person I can't even explain it. It even looks good matte! It is thick though, and while I loved this to pieces, next time I will use a black base because I don't like the look of straggly glitter near my cuticles. It'll save this polish from getting used up so fast, too. That would make me sad.

And don't forget to enter my 100 Follower Giveaway - it ends on 3/31!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Holy Haularoni.

After this weekend, it is evident I may need to go on a no-buy soon!
No pics...but look at everything I ordered this weekend and then at the end, tell me which you'd like to see posted about!

up colors - azul arco iris holo
hits - hera
catrice - sold out forever
catrice - londons weather forecast
catrice - birdy reloaded
catrice - browno mars
catrice - genius in the bottle
catrice - acid/dc
catrice - heavy metalilac
catrice - wrapped around my finger
catrice - its rambo no 5
whimsical ideas by pam - seuss
whimsical ideas by pam - my friend carol
china glaze - rodeo fanatic
china glaze - goin my way?
orly - au champagne
american apparel - smoke dazzle
american apparel - macarthur park
american apparel - meteor shower
nostalgic lacquer - andie
nostalgic lacquer - jem
color club - fashion addict
color club - worth the risque
color club - wild at heart
nerdlacquer - nebula
kleancolor - golden nightmare
tonymoly - shooting star
tonymoly - pinky star
and the march julep it girl box with 3 polishes.
deborah lippmann - sweet dreams
deborah lippmann - yellow brick road
china glaze - zombie zest

now you see the reason i need a no-buy!?

Teal Tuesday - Animal Print Tealicure!

It's TEAL TUESDAY, ya'll!
This weeks challenge is Animal Print!
Oh yes - I love animal print so much I couldn't even decide on which kind to do.
My boyfriend and I were in agreement I should do zebra over this awesome holo I started it with.
Then for some reason, instead of stamping zebra, I ended up handpainting leopard. Oh well. To be a woman.


Base - Kleancolor Metallic Jungle
2nd Layer - 2 coats of China Glaze Atlantis
Seche Vite
Handpainted Leopard spots in hot pink and black acrylic paint
More Gelous
More Seche

Woowee - that Atlantis is a gritty bastard. But she sure does sparkle.

If you are interested in participating in Teal Tuesdays, just drop me a line in the comments with your blog address so I can add you to the participating blog list. And there is also a FB Group! Please join in the conversation!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

I didn't forget you!

It's Monday at the Gnarly house - the only day of the week the bf and i both share off of work, so we usually spend it doing chores and being somewhat lazy. It's a day I rarely do my nails!
So i was catching up on all of my weekend blog reading and realized I hadn't even bothered to post on my own today! Oops.
About that time the mailman showed up. And to my wonderful eyes did I ever get the best surprise...

What could it be?????

A box from Whimsical Pam!!!
A surprise box at that!
Hatched! And Kitty Glitter! Oh my!!

Impromptu bottle shots.

Booty shots - look at all that glitter in their buttcracks!!


How excited am I? I wanted to order Hatched so bad, and when I saw Pam say on her Facebook today that it was out of stock I almost cried! And now I have it. Oh happy day.
Pam is seriously very talented if you haven't figured that out by the several swatches of her polishes I have posted here. And above that, she is very professional, friendly and quick!
She also has an awesome new shade out called Seuss - so go check her out!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Adventures in Stamping - Black & White Challenge

We stamp on Sundays in this group, and while I realize it is not quite Sunday yet in my neck of the woods, I have been sitting on my hands not showing this mani for over 24 hours and it's been KILLING me!
I loved it to pieces. And it even got quite a few compliments at work which doesn't happen too much.

There were two different ways I shot this mani - because the first few steps of it I thought were kinda cool - a black & white jelly sammich!



This was 1 coat of Fingerpaints Black Expressionism, followed by 1 coat of Sally Hansen Glass Slipper (an awesome white/silver flakie style glitter) followed by one coat of Femme Couture Black (it's super sheer dark grey on the first coat, perfect to lightly go over the flakie!) SO here it is after those three layers and a layer of Seche Vite so it would dry fast for my next steps.

Awww yeah. Those steps were a white splatter using acrylic paint with a wet paintbrush and flicking it onto my nails. The thumb and ring were stamped with Konad Special White Polish and a Cheeky plate (sorry, forget which right now) and then topped with Matte top coat.

I totally love how you can just see the hint of flakie under the black. I love dimension like that.
Hit or miss?

Haulin' A$$

Been sick, so sadly I had to skip todays PCF challenge - in lieu of that I bring you a haul post from last week!

Here we have Sinful Colors Shirley & Buddy, Zoya Chloe Fleck Effects, Sally Hansen HD in Hue and Sinful Colors Whats Your Name, which I previously posted about.

Sinful Colors Shirley & Buddy - is it just me or does this remind you of the new Essie Pink-A-Boo from the Resort collection?

Shirley & Buddy Bottle & Swatch

Shirley & Buddy Swatch - 3 coats, no base. 

Sally Hansen Hue Bottle Shot

Sally Hansen Hue Bottle & Swatch

Sally Hansen Hue - 3 coats no base

Zoya Chloe Fleck Effects

Zoya Chloe Fleck Effects Bottle & Swatch

Zoya Chloe Swatch - 2 coats, no base.

Can't wait to try these out on a full mani!
Hope you liked - XOXO.

1 Week Left!

Make sure you enter the 100 Follower Giveaway I'm having!
It ends on 3.31 - make sure to tell your friends, it give you extra entries!

Click the pic to get to the entry form - thanks!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

PCF Spring Challenge - Super Subtle Glitterbomb

I'm back in the game with these challenges. I've been sick the past few days, so luckily I planned ahead and did these awhile back!
I couldn't decide, I almost always wear glitter so when I'd done two different versions of this glitterbomb on accident I couldn't decide which to post.
So why not post both, right? Right.

This was done on top of my Spring Gradient Challenge Mani.
Added Magenta glitter from Love & Beauty (sponged on top)

This was added to my Spring Skittles Challenge Mani.
Added Orly Shining Star and then sponged on Gold glitter from Love & Beauty over the top tips.


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Last but not least - Georgia Peach Fuzz!

Are ya'll loving these swatches of my new Whimsical Pams?
This is the last one (for now, there will be more, but I'm not rich!) and it's called Georgia Peach Fuzz.
I had to have this the minute I saw it, not even for the color, but the name, as I live in Georgia. I am California born and raised but I've lived in GA about 3 years and I lived in GA about 5 years ago for 6 months too. So it's kind of a special place to me and this had to be mine.
This polish has a sheer peach base with copper microglitter and bigger hex glitter.
More on the formula and my thoughts after the pics!
To begin, lets recap the bottle shots AGAIN!

Georgia Peach Fuzz, Saturday Morning Cartoons and Kee Wee

On a swatchicle stick - this is 2 coats, no base and 1 coat top coat.

Base Coat - Julep Hayden
Georgia Peach Fuzz - 2 coats
Seche Vite - 1 coat
Outdoors - Shade

Base Coat - Julep Hayden
Georgia Peach Fuzz - 2 coats
Seche Vite - 1 coat
Outdoors - Sunlight

This is the sheerest of the 3 I bought. If you like a sheer look, 2 or 3 coats will get you through nicely. I personally liked the way it looked with and without undies.
Formula is spot on like any Whimsical polish, it's thick and that's to be expected with me as a jelly glitter.
This had the least amount of glitter of any of the Whimsical Ideas by Pam polishes I own, I had to fish and even then I couldn't really get those bigger hexes to pull out. I suggest turning your bottle upside down every couple of fingers to help that glitter rise up from the bottom. I loved this polish but would have loved it way more if I could get more of those bigger pieces out. I'm hoping to store it upside down for a week or so and try it again then.
1 coat of top coat smoothed her right out and even though I couldn't pull the big hex's out well, the sheer peach paired with the copper microglitters is still very very stunning.


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