Addendum to Kee Wee!

I've totally spaced the last 2 challenges at PCF. I suck.
Not only that, but I spaced showing you an awesome matte version of yesterdays post on Kee Wee as well.
So it's only fitting I would get sick, I musta had some brain meltdown leading up to this!

So here is Kee Wee by Whimsical Ideas by Pam in a matted version:

I love it more, if that was even possible. Those greenish hexes turn gold and it's just mystical.

Next up I have swatches for you of the other two polishes from this awesome frankener in Saturday Morning Cartoons and Georgia Peach Fuzz. Hopefully later today!


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  1. My face looked a bit like your background image when I saw this pic. I totally want this polish now!


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