Another day off from challenges and an update on my break!

I thought I had a spring challenge to post today, but we're off today. I do have a 52 week mani to post but I'm still not polishing, so that will come later in the week.
Today I'm on Day 4 of the 7 Day trial of the Rock Hard strengthener. No splits, but I've also been off work and super lazy too. I don't think I can go the full 7 days. I'm antsy! I have so many polishes in my melmer that I can hear crying late at night! And since I picked up the Orly Rescue Kit for breaks, I'm thinking that if something should occur, I'm prepared! I patched those two splits last week and once I give them another buffing out I think they'll be almost invisible under polish. So...anyway, as a puff piece I have a few random pics...

This is a swatch I did of China Glaze Recycle awhile back. It's such an awesome color, for basically just being a boring grey shade, I love grey!

Friday when I was at work, my friend whom I work with/for surprised me with this because I couldnt find Fly! How sweet is she? This was even after she colored and cut my hair and refused any money for it.

Tonymoly Nail Mail! This is Mars. Super Awesome, right? Can't wait to use it, swatched it on one nail and it's oh so perfect.

Another Mars bottle shot. Squee.

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  1. Nice gray and Mars looks gorgeous!

    1. it is! i feel bad if i use it first after so many have waited in line, but im itching to use it really bad!

  2. I like the Nicki Minis! And the grey :)

  3. can you hear them crying at night Missy, can you ? :) xxxx


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