What's sadder in the nail blogging world than breaking a nail? How bout 3?
Ugh I'm so mad right now I could cry. I just broke 3 nails down to the quick!
My closet organizer was acting weird, when I tried to fix it, it came apart and took my fingers with it.
So...looks like any new posts I haven't already shot will be done with my left hand, which means they will most likely stink pretty badly.

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  1. Argh, three in one go! I hope they grow out quickly! :)

  2. i know! i forgot i had some tips and acrylic laying about so i gave them makeover - we'll see how THAT one works out! i just couldnt handle having 3 supernubs.

  3. Sorry to hear. Thank goodies they grow!!! (=

  4. I have had to do that to a couple of mine lately!!!

  5. Sorry about that. I have mine break at least once a week :/

  6. ugh, I know the feeling! I had a break recently too, nothing really severe though. Usually I get my bad/painful breaks when I'm at work, reaching for things and my grip slips. :(


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