Favorite Pastel Blue!

Can you believe I came through on a challenge mani? Oh life...you've been more hectic than I'm used to!
Anyway - Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge for today was favorite pastel blue or green.
What do you think I picked?

Cinderella! Aint she purty?

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And again - tomorrow is the last day to enter this giveaway!

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  1. I hunted this bad boy DOWN! I wore it, loved it, and I think I'll post it today!

    I heard there were some formula problems but I had no issues, how was your bottle?

    1. nope, mine was good! i got mine back when the craze first started so i guess the first or second batch must have been ok? i know they just (re) released it with the pearls collection so maybe that one is bad? i loved the other colors i got from that collection though so i dont know - sometimes i think formulas are mostly the same and its just operator preference/pickiness that sets them apart.


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