Haulin' A$$

Been sick, so sadly I had to skip todays PCF challenge - in lieu of that I bring you a haul post from last week!

Here we have Sinful Colors Shirley & Buddy, Zoya Chloe Fleck Effects, Sally Hansen HD in Hue and Sinful Colors Whats Your Name, which I previously posted about.

Sinful Colors Shirley & Buddy - is it just me or does this remind you of the new Essie Pink-A-Boo from the Resort collection?

Shirley & Buddy Bottle & Swatch

Shirley & Buddy Swatch - 3 coats, no base. 

Sally Hansen Hue Bottle Shot

Sally Hansen Hue Bottle & Swatch

Sally Hansen Hue - 3 coats no base

Zoya Chloe Fleck Effects

Zoya Chloe Fleck Effects Bottle & Swatch

Zoya Chloe Swatch - 2 coats, no base.

Can't wait to try these out on a full mani!
Hope you liked - XOXO.

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