Here Comes the Sea Creature!

Today I bring you an awesome swatch from a polish haul I did online a few weeks ago. I picked up two polishes from The Hungry Asian and this is one of 'em - Sea Creature!

First we have my haul - Sea Creature and Sneeze Breeze! How cute is her label!

 Butt shots - pretty, right?!

 Inside lamp light swatch of Sea Creature - TWO COATS!

 Outdoor/Sunlight shots. These were all 2 coats with no underwear and 2 coats of Top coat (1 Gelous/1 Seche)

 And then a token Matte top coat for good measure.

I'm so super pleased with this polish. It was very opaque, I mean look ma, no underwear!
It's a gorgeous sea green/blue packed with black, blue, teal, green and even pink glitters. It's so sparklicious in person I can't even explain it. It even looks good matte! It is thick though, and while I loved this to pieces, next time I will use a black base because I don't like the look of straggly glitter near my cuticles. It'll save this polish from getting used up so fast, too. That would make me sad.

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  1. Wow, Sea Creature is amazing!!! I love the subtle little purple glitters in there. Love it matted as well! I'm going to have to make a Hungry Asian haul very soon!

  2. awesome color!
    I have an award for you at


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