I didn't forget you!

It's Monday at the Gnarly house - the only day of the week the bf and i both share off of work, so we usually spend it doing chores and being somewhat lazy. It's a day I rarely do my nails!
So i was catching up on all of my weekend blog reading and realized I hadn't even bothered to post on my own today! Oops.
About that time the mailman showed up. And to my wonderful eyes did I ever get the best surprise...

What could it be?????

A box from Whimsical Pam!!!
A surprise box at that!
Hatched! And Kitty Glitter! Oh my!!

Impromptu bottle shots.

Booty shots - look at all that glitter in their buttcracks!!


How excited am I? I wanted to order Hatched so bad, and when I saw Pam say on her Facebook today that it was out of stock I almost cried! And now I have it. Oh happy day.
Pam is seriously very talented if you haven't figured that out by the several swatches of her polishes I have posted here. And above that, she is very professional, friendly and quick!
She also has an awesome new shade out called Seuss - so go check her out!

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  1. Wow! Lucky! I'm waiting for my next paycheck to order from her!

  2. OMG!! Those are GORGEOUS!!! Lucky you!!

  3. they ARE gorgeous - i've only swatched them but so in love with both!! she has great stuff, i cant wait to try Seuss!

  4. OMG even the BOX is gorgeous xxx


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