Monday, March 12, 2012

A Magnetic Stamping Experiment

Hey ya'll! Oh today has been a doozy - so again I'm late posting!
So last week I went on a manic hunt for Nabi Magnetics at every Walgreens I could get to - which worked out to be 5 or 6 I think.
The reason was I really wanted this Wine shade that turns black and red when magnetized. Every Walgreens I went to had every color but this one. So disappointing! But I did end up with Sky Blue, Red and Dark Purple.
What you'll see here is my cool experiment with Dark Purple.
I gotta say - I don't love these polishes.
The magnet is ATTACHED to the lid so you have to tilt the top upside down to use the magnet, which is not only inconvenient and cumbersome, but it also dries the crap out of your polish in the bottle, after a few fingers it started getting stringy when I dipped. Also, after a few fingers the magnet really stopped working very well. Maybe that was me being over it, who knows.

So check out this!

I don't know that I've personally ever seen a magnetic stamped on, and I thought it would be cool to try. The combo of the magnetic underneath and the metallic silver I used were cool at first, the silver turned kinda pink when I top coated.
This was actually Day 3 of this Mani! I was so busy that was the first time I had to shoot it, waiting in the car for my boyfriend to weld something!

Here's a blurred out shot I thought looked kinda cool. Totally sorry for the tip wear - Day 3!

Nabi Magnetic in Dark Purple
Red Angel Stamping Plate
Revlon Metallic
(bottle in hand is Jordana Fairy Dust, sorry I had just bought it and was in the car so it's all I had available, post on THAT haul coming soon!)


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