Nail Break!

It's not entirely what you think!
Firstly - I'm posting this late night style because I have to be up really early to get my hair done and then I have to be at work all day!
There are no challenge posts today so...let me tell you what's goin' down.
I broke 2 nails today, nothing major, one is a split and one broke on a hanger while I was hanging up a shirt at work. This prompted me to go to Sally's after work and pick up some Orly Rescue stuff and to also try a new hardener now that my nails are constantly barraged with products and acetone. So I'm trying this European Secrets Rock Hard Strengthener and Basecoat. It says to apply it one-two times daily for a week.
So in that week I'm going to try really hard not to apply colors!

I'll have challenge posts and misc. posts, but I may need 1 or 2 guest posts, so if you are interested - email me!

So this is a HAUL POST! Bottle spams!

Hunger Games in my hot little hands! ^Luxe & Lush and Foie Gras^

Bottle Shot of Smoke and Ashes

^Stone Cold and Smoke & Ashes^

A mini glitter set from Claires. That teal and pink won me over!

Icing Polishes my friend got me - Funky Femme, Lemon Cello, Heavenly Hottie and J'Adore

Orly Le Chateau Bottle Shot

Orly Stone Cold Bottle Shot

Ulta Jet Lag Bottle Shot

Zoya Edyta Bottle Shot

Aaaannd.....Dollish Polish Nail Mail!
Team Salvatore, Zombie Flesh, Random Dancing, Material Girl, Cold Winds are Rising

That's all for now! XOXO.

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  1. O.o nice goodies...I like Random Dancing!

    1. yes! it was the only one i wanted until i saw so many other impulse buys before i checked out!

  2. How funny! i have a hair appointment this morning and work after too! sorry about the breaks! i hope that stuff works! i am always looking for things to help my nails but they always end up breaking. awesome haul though!

    1. i hope it works too! what did you have done to your hair?

  3. Let us know how the hardeners work for you! Also, I awarded you! Check out my post! (= Enjoy!

    1. i will - and i will check it out! thanks!

  4. Oh no, sorry about your nail break! I broke a nail yesterday too, my pinky nail :-(... hope the hardeners work! I really need to get to Claire's, I love those glitters!

    1. i wish those glitters were made in single full sizes!


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