Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Purple Crumpet Fairy Spring Challenge - Day #12: Daffodils

I'm not a flower person! I don't like getting flowers, I just don't love flowers very much, I can totally be an anti-girl at times. Daffodils...they're one of those spring flowers I'm just not into. There was no way I was gonna try and freehand draw any for this challenge, so I went with the closest stamping plate I had to what looked like one. Unfortunately, after applying my blues and greens for this concept, the yellow I stamped with was totally overpowered by the darker colors. So it's a "subtle" daffodil.

Bottle shot! SC Grecian Sun, WnW Blue Wants to be a Millionaire, Nubar Reclaim and SC Unicorn.

Grecian Sun as base, WnW Blue over top for a sparkly sky. Nubar Reclaim brushed on tips with a fan brush to give a grassy illusion and stamped/dotted with Unicorn. 

Yeah, pretty much a total fail, but I've just been too busy to re-do it! Boo!

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