Sparkle Candies!

These two polishes I'm about to show you are colors I bought on the same night, from two different online distributors just so I could use them together.
First off is Tonymoly Mars. I saw this on a blog a few weeks ago and was like going crazy in my brain to have it. I was able to procure one on ebay, but of course it was from S. Korea and took 2 weeks to get here (still beats waiting over a month for my bottle of Illamasqua Rampage from the UK though!).
Mars (GT03) is from their Galaxy Collection and is a gorgeous ONE COAT brown glitter spattered with crazy gold and blue/purple glitters.

Here is 1 coat of Mars and 1 coat of Out the Door TC.

A slightly better angle to show the blue/purple and gold glitters!

But I couldn't stop there - because I told you there were TWO polishes, right?!
So then...I added Dollish Polish's Random Dancing.
Dollish Polish describes Random Dancing as "a full rainbow of various size and shape glitter to make what's commonly referred to as 'circus' glitter, it's literally a party in a bottle!"

Woo Yeah! This is 1 coat of Random Dancing over Tonymoly Mars, topped with 1 coat of Gelous and 2 coats of Out the Door TC. Its a hungry hippo, that glitter.

A close up of my crazy looking thumb. Look at those purple glitters showing through from Mars?!?!

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