Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stamp Ending in 4 Challenge

Today is Sunday - a new stamping day!
The challenge this week was to stamp with a plate ending in 4.
I had at the time, been swatching some random colors, when I did this I was wanting to play with my new DS Extravagance and also do something similarly holographic on the other hand. So...I did two different versions of my stamping, thankfully, because one didn't come out/photograph all that well.

DS Extravagance with Stamps BM14 and CH4 in Revlon Metallic. See how it's a little hard to see with so much going on?

CND Hyde in the Dark with Orly Shine on Crazy Diamond on top. Stamps are BM14 and CH4 - stamped with Konad Special White. I liked this much better, even though part of the star got missed on my thumb, and a few stars smeared across the mani, all in all I consider this successful.

A blurred out shot to show the crazy diamond shining on!
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Missy Molotov

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