Tuesday, March 13, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I was astounded to come across a photo someone shared in the PAA group of Swatchicles - essentially swatched nails on popsicle sticks, and I knew I had to do them. I am an organizer by nature, I am not OCD but I do like a clean system and nothing I had in place was working. Nail wheels were no longer working, I wanted swatches I could move around to compare to others, etc...
I was considering getting the nail sticks on ebay but they seemed expensive when thinking of the 300+ colors I CURRENTLY own (not to mention future colors I'll own!). So when this post showed up and said it cost 6 bucks, I was sold.
Of course, as with most things I do, this was more expensive than I expected and took AWHILE to finish. Almost a week.

Nails - well I had some a friend gave me awhile back, then I bought a bunch of l & xl tips from sallys, at 1.50 a pack (20 per pack) and then when I ran out of those, I got a set at Walmart (because Sally's was closed) that cost me 5 bucks for 200, of course I could only use the thumbs and pointers in the pack, but it was enough to get me finished. I also had nail wheel swatches I ripped off the wheels. All in all the swatch nails alone probably cost me 15 bucks. And they're all kinds of crazy different looking. But thats kinda how my life is.

Sticks - Walmart/Hobby Lobby craft sticks. I also got skinny sticks for using on the smaller tips - those will be good for practicing ideas on colors and nail art. These cost about 2.50 a pkg and I bought 2 packages of 150 each. So there's 5 bucks.

Glue - Hot glue. Be careful, it burns. And it melts the nails, so wait a sec or 5 before applying nail to stick. You could use white glue or some other glue, but nothing is faster than hot glue. Cost - Free to me as I am a crafter so I had these on hand already.

Polishes - Well this is self explanatory. Use what you have! I used WnW clear topcoat to finish these off, and on matte's I top coated the top half so I could see it both ways. Cost - 2 bucks for 2 bottles. 1 bottle lasted for 200 nails.

Pen - To write the polish info on the stick. Some people go all out on collection info and all that but I kept it simple, color name and color it was swatched over if applicable. I considered listing the coats used but I decided against it. This is all to your preference of course.

Here they are in cups, sorted by color family. Seemed fine at the time.

More cup shots.

THEN....Then I saw THIS POST from Very Emily's blog this morning. I knew what had to be done.

Basically, I took a box, cut off the lid and cut the lid into 4 pieces, 2 long and two short rectangles. I used those to make a tic tac toe and glue it inside the box to section it into 9 slots.
I wrapped the outside in scrapbooking paper using hot glue and then i wrapped the outside in a green zebra ribbon with hot glue. Voila. Emily rules for inspiring this - and it is so much cuter and size efficient for my tiny storage space!

This last one is for Debbie who can't believe I own a lot of Teal polishes!

Overall cost - about 20 bucks for approx. 350 swatchicles, with supplies to make another 200 or so smaller ones.

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