Teal Tuesdays are Here!

I've noticed a trend in day of the week theme groups, and since my favorite colors are pink and teal, it seemed fairly logical and straight out necessary that I start a Teal Tuesdays! There's already a Pink Wednesday, so where is the love for TEAL!?
So right here, right now, I proclaim every Tuesday, a Teal Tuesday.
If you are interested in participating, just drop me a line in the comments with your blog address so I can add you to the participating blog list. And there is also a FB Group! Please join in the conversation!

This happens to kill two birds with one stone as it's also my 52 Week Mani Challenge - Polka Dots.
Used Fingerpaints Black Expressionism and China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise.

p.s. - there was a pcf challenge today but i hated mine after seeing the other ones, so i'm cutting class today. i hope my teacher doesn't read this!

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  1. Oh yes, I'm joining! I love teal.

    my blog: http://nailsbeautiqued.blogspot.com

  2. I'm in! http://quartkneeex3.blogspot.com/

    I must start next Tuesday, though. Hope that's okay!

    1. absolutely! i'll add ya to my list! <3

  3. This is an ace idea! I would like to join please!

  4. Love the idea! Teal needs more love! I'm in!

  5. ahhh i love this! the colors together are awesome and the design is so cute

  6. teacher is outraged !!! outraged i tell you !!! xxxx


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