Teal Tuesdays - Glitter Freestyle!

It's TEAL TUESDAY, ya'll!
This weeks challenge is Glitter Freestyle!
Any chance to use glitter, I'm all over it. Then I go to take it off and I curse profusely!
I was trying to figure out the best use of glitter I could come up with when I remembered I had a bunch of tiny jars of loose glitter hex's I bought on ebay a couple of months ago.
So I whipped that out and chose a cobalt small hex and a larger iridescent aqua hex. Then I spilled an entire jar of golden yellow hex glitters so I decided to use a few of those that I couldn't scrape back into the jar.

This is picture heavy and I will tell ya at the end what else I used for it. Enjoy the glitteratti.

Did you like it? I'm so enamored of this that I'm keeping it on to wear to the Reverend Horton Heat show tonight!

Used - 
Base - A England Saint George
Tips - Loose glitter hex's
Gradiation - Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe
1 Coat Gelous
2 Coats Seche Vite

Still a litte bumpy from those loose hex's, but its bearable, and that's saying something because I am a chronic picker!

If you are interested in participating in Teal Tuesdays, just drop me a line in the comments with your blog address so I can add you to the participating blog list. And there is also a FB Group! Please join in the conversation!

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  1. I love the big hex glitters!

    Have fun at the RHH show, the bf and I see him every time he comes to town and always have a good time That's like 2 or 3 times a year! Lol

    1. he is always a good time for sure - i havent seen him in quite a few years but i know it'll be fun times!

  2. It looks fabulous! I may be colour blind though, because I can't see any yeloow hexes :D

  3. hehe - you arent color blind - i sandwiched the loose glitters under the layer of across the universe, so the blue jelly of that turned them greenish, which is what i was going for to keep it all in a similar color family.

  4. Great job on this! I want Saint George so badly!

  5. This is FABULOUS! I love it :) x TEAL TUESDAY RULE!

  6. Well this is fun.

    I like the Teal Tuesday idea, but my Tuesdays are booked for the girly girl challenge right now. Might join later.. :-D

    1. you should! come join our fb group and see how you like it! its not mandatory that you post every tuesday or even post at all!

  7. I LOVE this!! This is so beautiful!!! :D


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