Time for some more whimsy!

Yesterday/today I posted my latest haul from Whimsical Ideas by Pam. Here's another I hope you enjoy!
I have a love/hate relationship with posting her polishes, I love showing them off,  I hate that soon she'll blow up like other indie polish makers and it'll be harder to get my hands on her wonderfuls!

Today's polish is Saturday Morning Cartoons.
Let's start with our bottle shots from yesterday to refresh your memory:

Georgia Peach Fuzz, Saturday Morning Cartoons & Kee Wee

Swatchicle - 2 coats, no base, 1 coat top coat.

2 coats of SMC over Julep Megan (you can see it in my hand, it is a frosty bluish teal) and 1 coat top coat. Outdoors, sunlight.

This is a blue jelly base with red, green and blue hex glitter with blue microglitter.
Totally amazing. Again, no fishing for glitter here. This formula is more sheer than Kee Wee was, I used undies, but if you do 3 coats you might get by with only the slightest visible nail line.
Again. adore. Top coat smoothed this right out - Pam's polishes are never gritty glitters and apply like a dream.


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