And we're back with the 52 Week Challenge!

Took a little hiatus from the 52 Wk Challenge due to the other challenges I had going on, mixed with my loss of laptop and yadda yadda...but now we are back with it!
This weeks challenge is "Dotticure"
We all know this one, no googling necessary.
I have been wondering for a few weeks now (especially now that I seem to be obsessed with gradients) how it would look to do a holo sponge gradient. I can tell you now that it is AWE-SOME.

Here are my assistants for the day:
Catrice Heavy Metalilac
Color Club Fashion Addict
Color Club Wild at Heart
NABI Dk Purple Magnetic
Dotting Tool

We had matching Irises so of course I had to do this!

How gorgeous, right? The shimmer of the holos just makes it blend the colors to pure perfection I tell you.

Had to matte it before I removed it, looked great this way too!

Granted, this technique does not show any of the holo factor, but I think it looked so smooth it wasn't even needed.
This was done with a sponge gradient technique, I wet the sponge, painted two stripes, one of each color (the Color Clubs) and then bounced it on my nail that was prepped with Catrice Heavy Metalilac.
Once dry, I dotted with the Nabi Magnetic Purple and used 2 coats of Seche. Even after I matte coated later, this was still bumpy, those Nabi's are thick stuff.

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  1. I like the bumpiness. It's reminding me of those large balloon castles where kids go jumpin.
    And the radiant is also too yummy!!
    Only thing those pics don't show much is the holo. I wonder how it looks in the sunlight... I am deff going to try it sometimes! ;-))

    1. in the 4th up close pic you can KIND OF see some holo - but most of these were shot with at least 3 top coats on, so there is pretty much little to no holo left to see at that point. and our day was rainy and gross so there was no sun to help me. i will do this again, count on that, probably without anything on top to really get the full effect!

  2. Dear Missy,

    I tagged you to a nail polish themed Blogpost.

    Greeting Angelina

  3. Ahh I love dotticures, and this one is beautiful!

  4. This mani makes me drool rainbows. So pretty!

  5. What a great idea, holo and sponging, I will def need to try that!

  6. Beautiful! I LOVE it with the matte top coat! So cool looking!

  7. Ohhh a sponged mani with holography, how cool! and very pretty! :)


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