Emergency Interruption for Awesome Nail Mail!

Trying to keep my posts to early morning once a day, but sometimes you just gotta break the rules!
So...for the past 2 weeks I've been super sick. First I had some terrible teeth issues and then I came down with what I am now dubbing the A-Z Disease, because it literally feels like I have been hit with every disease known to man all rolled into one. And it STILL hasn't gone away!
So it comes as no surprise that when this awesome package arrived today I was over the moon.
In one of the FB groups I frequent I met this awesome lady named Angi, and this has now been our second swap. She lives in Germany, I live in the US, so we have fun sending each other polishes we can't get!
She is just the awesomest, I love talking to her and I love getting her adorable little goodies in the mail.

Look at all the pretties!!! Oh me oh my!!
Fruity fimos!! Lip balms! (So addicted to lip balms)
I wonder what's in that adorable little cupcake tin!?

Its awesome rhinestones! Heart shaped ones too! <3 Swoon!

And Fruity's! OMG I have been wanting these so much the past week!!

An awesome Essence duo! Love these colors!!!

And of course, the purpose of our swap - Catrice Million Styles Collection!! SCORE!!

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  1. omg the glass is broken. I'm sorry that I have not wrapped separately, I thought they survive it, too.

    1. no way nothing broke! must be a weird reflection!

  2. OMG!!! I need the Fruity treasures LOL

  3. I hope you feel better soon, the A-Z disease sucks... I came down with the childhood version of that one summer a few years ago. No way a full grown adult should be coming down with the sicknesses I got that summer!

    Yay for nail mail making you feel better!

  4. Awesome swap! Can't wait to see the swatches! :)


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