Man, I have had these NerdLacquers just sitting in a drawer for months now getting no love at all.
Im a terrible terrible mother!

To make up for that, I added some oomph to my little babies so they'd really shine...not that Nerds need help, they are stunning all on their own, as most of you know by now I am sure!

Here I present to you - NerdLacquer: Hyperspace Bypass.

Good stuff, right?
That's two coats, because I wanted some "depth", but seriously, I could've only used one coat. ONE.

So now let's add some more fun!
This is American Apparel's Meteor Shower, shards of gold foil flakes. Pure awesome.

 Mmmm hmmm.
One coat of Seche smoothed everything out. This was a dream mani, from start to finish.

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  1. this is probably my most wanted nerd lac. looks awesome!! hope i get a chance to order it soon!

    1. its my favorite of the 4 I own personally. it applies like a dream. removal is obviously another story though!

  2. Ooh! I really like it with the added gold! Awesome!

  3. Love the combo. Meteor Shower looks great.

  4. gorgeous polish! i love the final product!


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