On the side....

A little something different...you probably don't know this, but I also run a small business of my own making purses, aprons, hair accessories and jewelry. Occasionally I also dabble in art.
Anyway - I made these last week and just love them to pieces. They come in 10 colors and are just the cutest thing ever. If you like them, they're for sale! Just email me - missymrobinson@gmail.com

These adjustable rings are on a silvertone metal base ring and are made of vinyl and ribbon.

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  1. Those are super adorable! I love bows!

  2. thanks!! i love bows too, and sparklies!! i need to photograph all of the colors, there is an aqua that is just sooo gorgeous!

  3. aww these are so cute!! how much is it for one?! i'll give you a nail polish for one ;) hahaha jkn .. but they are really cute :)

    1. they're $10 each - and you can always lure me with polish!!! <3

    2. i only have Totally Cool-Milani from your wishlist! boo, ! i'll just buy it off you on payday ..lol


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