Polish Interview

Angi of Angelina's Nails & More (not to mention my favorite international swap buddy) tagged me in this interesting post about polish.
I will do my best to answer the questions as they were translated from German.

How many Nail Polishes do you own? 
Sometimes I feel like this is one of those questions like "How much money do you make?" I guess because alot of times people make fun of me for having so many, I don't like to answer this question. But I know most reading this won't judge me! My stash count on Pinterest is at 421, which doesn't include polishes I couldnt find names for, black & whites and treatment polishes. Overall, I'd guess the number is closer to 475.

When did you get or buy your first nail polish? 
Probably as a small girl. My grandmother has been an Avon lady my entire life, so I'm sure she gave me more than I could ever use growing up. At 16 I worked at a pharmacy/drug store similar to Rite Aid, and I worked in the Cosmetics dept. So you better believe I had a bunch then too. But through the years, I was always more interested in makeup than in nails. It's only been since January 2012 that I became obsessed with polish and nail art.

 What was your first nail polish? 
No idea!

 What nail polish did you last buy or get? 
I just received in the mail yesterday "Newsprint" by KBShimmer.

What brand are the most of your polishes? 
It's hard to say. I have a ton of Kleancolor, Color Club, Sinful Colors and China Glaze. Those are my top brands I guess.

What polish are you wearing right now? 
Look at this coming Monday's post to see!

 What polish do you wear most?
Probably Fingerpaints Black Expressionism. Its super opaque and I use black in a lot of stuff I do like tape mani's and dotting.

Which polish have you spent the most money on, and how do you like? 
Hmmm...I guess my most expensive polish is Chanel Ballerina. I hate it. I bought it on a whim several years ago while I was looking for Pink Mink and the saleslady somehow talked me into getting this one in place of it (its long discontinued). Its a very very sheer light pink.

Which polishes from your collection do you wear infrequently or never? 
I'm with Angi on this, I have very little Red. I just don't like it, but I will occasionally wear it on my toes.

What nail polish will you buy next?
I'm hoping to score some Sonoma's tonight when she opens!

I'm not gonna tag anyone back, but if you want to do this, please link it to me, I'd love to read your answers, these are great questions!

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  1. Wow, I love this post. You translated the questions perfect.

    1. yay! thanks for tagging me, it was fun to do and different than the others i always see!

  2. I love reading these kinds of things!


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