Spring Guest Post! Look - it's THE CRUMPET!

Todays Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge is a Spring Guest Post.
Who better to be my guest poster today than the fabulous Debbie - of The Crumpet!

Hi Everyone

This is Debbie from the Crumpet, and Missy and I have swapped blogs
today for the Purple Crumpet Fairy Spring Challenge.

A few weeks ago, there was a massive argument about teal in one of the
nail polish groups I run, and when Missy recently started her Teal
Tuesdays, it seemed too comic an opportunity to miss :)

So, me and teal.  It's not that I hate it, I've just never worn it,
and I hate that it can't decide if it's blue or green lol.  That said,
I think it looks AWESOME when I see it on other people ... which is
why I bought several.   And have never worn any of them .....

Until today !!  I am soooooo happy with this mani, I have to tell you.
 It came to me (as all my best ideas do) one night whilst I was
falling asleep, and it turned out pretty much how I envisioned.

So, lets show you what I used -

* the black lines are done with an amazing striper by China Glaze
called Ink - its like a mini nail polish, but with a mega thin brush.
I can't love it enough, and it is soooo precise that not even a
Crumpet can screw it up
* the teals - OPI SKi Teal We Drop, CG Atlantis, CG For Audrey, SH Fairy Teal, 
SH Teal-y Cool and CG Techno Teal

This started as a base of CG For Audrey (pick your lightest colour),
then create your lines with the striper, and then colour in!  I used a
dotting tool, as I'm better with these.  Normal people will probably
use a nail art brush.

A bit like splatters, and water marbles, this falls into my favourite
nail art category - random.   There is no obvious design or structure
here, so whether it goes wrong or right, only you will ever know :)

If you follow my blog, you'll be able to see a whole week of these -
I've done them in just about every colour combination.  There's
something so simple, colourful and happy about them.
Hope you enjoy xxx  :)

Thanks Debbie!!! And thanks to my readers for reading - go check out Debbie's blog - she is one of the funniest bloggers, her posts will non-stop crack you up.

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