Friday, April 27, 2012

Stashapalooza - Drawer 1!

Weird title, right? Sorry, I'm weird if you haven't glimpsed that about me yet!
This is a small series stash.
I figured it would be a nice filler for the days I don't have nails to post.

So today's Stash Pic is of my OPI & China Glaze collection.
They happen to be my Melmer (1 of 2) Top Drawer.

These are my OPI's, Sephora by OPI and my lone Nicole by OPI.
They share a drawer in my melmer with my China Glaze collection.
They are holding steady at 35. Just like me! (I wish)

And now on to China Glaze...

Currently at a count of 39! I think I own more China Glaze than any other brand. But I won't know that for sure until I count my Kleancolors and Color Clubs!
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Missy Molotov

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