Stashapalooza - Drawer 2!

Drawer 2 of my first Melmer is very special to me.
This one holds all of my Indie polishes, my failed attempts at frankening, my euro polishes and some of my higher end polishes.

Lets get right to it, this baby is packed with pics!

Here is the drawer. After taking pics of all of these, I am surprised it isn't fuller. Then again, last time I looked it was half this full! No idea why that little plastic box in the back has a $ sign on it!

Most of the polishes in this drawer may only be 1 or 2 of a brand. So there's lots of pics!

American Apparel polishes. This is Smoke Dazzle, Meteor Shower & MacArthur Park.
I love these bottles, and the polishes. I need more. I wish I'd been into polish when I worked next door to an AA store!

Butter London. It's getting there...most BL's dont wow me for their price tag, it has to be pretty special for me to drop more than $12 on a polish. But it does happen!
Wallis, Henley Regatta, Tart With a Heart, The Black Knight and Trout Pout.

Catrice! I owe my lovely new friend Angi a huge thanks for picking these up time and time again for me. If I could get these locally I'm pretty sure they would be the most collected of my stash, hands down.
Currently 16 Catrice Polishes.

Cosmetic Arts - never even heard of these until I found them in a Ross store and I loved the neon-ness of them! These don't have names on the bottles, sorry.

My precious Lippmann's!
Today Was a Fairytale, Across the Universe, Happy Birthday, Candy Shop. Sweet Dreams, Good Girl Gone Bad and Yellow Brick Road.

My small stash of Dollish Polish.
Zombie Flesh, Cold Winds are Rising, Random Dancing, Material Girl and Team Salvatore.

Where's the Party, Gagalectric, Prism@tic White, Fruitys and a duo!

Hungry Asian - Sneeze Breeze and Sea Creature (these are AWESOME)

See? So Awesome they get 2 photos.

Illamasqua. If they had em at my local Sephora this would be exponentially larger!
Milf, Ranpage, Jo'Mina.

Julep polishes.

Randoms I've picked up at Llarowe. Lynnderella Connect the Dots, Up Colors Azul Arco Iris and Hits Hera.

The first bottle is Fatty's Got More Blood but it's in a Fuck Off & Dye bottle (my good friend Taylor gave me this for Xmas, I think they mislabeled some bottles and gave her freebies, so thats what this is, a bastard) 
Fatty's Got More Blood, Santorum, Ilf, and Lesbihonest.

Randoms. A England Saint George and Models Own Green Tea.

Nebula, All of Time & Space, Hyperspace Bypass and Largo!

Misc. Indies, Nostalgic Nail Lacquers in Jem and Andie. KBShimmer in Newsprint and Dandy Nails in Funhouse.

Tonymoly. I love Tonymoly. They make some cool stuffs.
Pinky Star, Shooting Star and Mars.

And last but certainly not least, my Whimsicals. Whimsical Ideas by Pam is an Indie Polish I found out about a few months back on MUA. I'm sure if you've been around here much at all, you have seen numerous swatches of her polishes on my chunky fingers! She is awesome and she is blowing up so fast, I am so happy for her huge success, she deserves it, these polishes are REALLY good quality and unique. You can find a link to her FB page on my sidebar--->

From top:
Seuss, Kismets Pajamas, Kee Wee, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Georgia Peach Fuzz, Hatched, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Kitty Glitter, My Friend Carol.

Phew...thats that! I promise I don't think I have so many brands crammed into the other drawers!

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  1. Oooh, look at all these lovelies! So envious of your awesome collection! :)

  2. I love your stash shots! Although I'm crazy jealous :)

  3. You've got so many fantastic polishes in your stash! :)

  4. So many fun pretties that I am lemming! :) I'm jealous!

  5. Díos mío!!!

    I have no words... That's the paradise!


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