Teal Tuesday! - Tape Mani

I'm late - lucky to be able to upload and post at all right now! I'm sharing computers with in-laws for the moment...hopefully I'll have a permanent laptop by the weekend.

Anyway - here's my Teal Tuesday Challenge - Tape Manicure.

Used - Butter London Henley Regatta & Hard Candy Fabuluxe!

If you are interested in participating in Teal Tuesdays, just drop me a line in the comments with your blog address so I can add you to the participating blog list. And there is also a FB Group! Please join in the conversation!

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  1. Oooh! Sparkly! Love this a lot!

  2. Love this! I love how the colours work together! So beautiful xx

  3. I love the color combo! Niiiiiiice!

  4. very very nice and just a little bit oooh la la xxx

    1. just a little - you dont ever want too much oooh in your la la!


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