Monday, April 16, 2012

Teasey Teaserson!

Ok so - over at Teal Tuesday's we end our next weeks challenge vote on Thursday night. So on Friday I was finally feeling well enough to do my nails and got a jump on this weeks challenge. Yes, I know you are thinking, well, its MONDAY silly.
I know I know! That's why I called this a Teasey Teaserson!
You can have a glimpsey - but you have to wait til tomorrow for the sequel to this awesome!
(Yes, I realize it is SO passe to toot your own horn, but it's pretty rare that I don't find some fault with a mani I do, or rush through it way too fast and screw SOMETHING up!).

What's hiding behind mr. thumb there?

Well well well...if it isn't Hits Hera!

Our challenge for tomorrow's Teal Tuesday is Accent Nail. You may think this is it, but oh no.
Just wait.
(PS - this is Orly Le Chateau on the other digits, the super darkest teal you can find, its basically black)
(PSS - no cleanup here as it was not the final mani, sorry!)
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