Catrice - Londons Weather Forecast

Today I bring to you one of my new Catrice acquisitions: Londons Weather Forecast.

The polish itself is very nice. This was 2 coats. I hated the brush on this one though. The shape is fine. The texture of the brush though, seemed very synthetic and unforgiving? It didn't have as much give as any other polish brush I've used. It left some bald brush strokes on my nails but luckily my top coat smoothed over those.
This polish is a nice medium grey that leans a little blue and has a gorgeous shimmer in the bottle that is kind of lavender/blue/silver. It doesn't translate to the nail much at all though. I tried to capture the shimmer but I'm pretty sure I failed. Sorry, I'm new to swatching for accuracy!

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  1. This color is great! Such a perfect name!

  2. Such a pretty gray!!! Shame about the brush.

  3. Pity about the brush, it's a beautiful stormy grey!


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