The Heart of Tokidoki!

It's Sunday Sunday Sundaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!
It's time to stamp!
This weeks theme/challenge at AIS (Adventures in Stamping FB Group) was to stamp with an image plate ending in 5. I had some good choices, but I went with one plate full of hearts.
Cheeky 15.
I'd also just recently acquired a super cute and perfectly sized heart scrapbooking paper stamper/cut-outer-thing. I mean it is perfect sized and it cost me a buck. Well, truth be told, it cost my boyfriend a buck.
This inspired me to use it as a tape design and make some crossbones into a Tokidoki style.
I love Tokidoki, and this turned out so cute I'm totally gonna do it again in brighter Tokidoki style colors really soon.
So anyways! I started with Hot Ticket Better Off Red as the base. Then I did 2 coats of Milani Jewel FX in Red. A coat of Gelous and a coat of Color Club 0-60 TC. Then I did the stamping with Konad Special black. 2 more coats of TC for a super snazzy shinebomb.

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  1. Love these! Still haven't mastered stamping!

  2. Wow, that's an amazing mani! I love the depth in it and the stamping is so cool!

  3. wow, HOW shiny?! super sexy xx

  4. Love these! You need to do a tutorial on the Tokidoki nail! :)

  5. These are lovely :D I love Tokidoki :D

  6. Ok, I'm trying not to freak out about how AWESOME this is! I love red and I love red with black...and I love glitter. Its just so perfect!


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