Illamasqua Nomad

Illamasqua's Nomad is a STUNNER!
That said it's also a bitch, a bitch to photograph, that is.
Try as I might it was really hard to get the color accuracy on this, it's on the verge of neon!

This first one is the MOST color accurate:

The formula was outstanding. I expect no less from Illamasqua's polishes, and at $14 a bottle, they better be near perfect in my eyes. And they are. This was 2 coats of awesome and a top coat of Jordana quick dry top coat.

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  1. What a gorgeous creamy green!

  2. This is top on my wishlist! LOVE it!

  3. LOL @ "and at $14 a bottle, they better be near perfect in my eyes"
    Great color!

  4. Jeez I need Nomad in my life! so awesome!

  5. This is a really gorgeous color!! ^.^

  6. I agree with you: for $14, it should be perfect. Lol.


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