Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm a sucker for you, Black and White!

So many awesome black and white polishes out in the world today - how do you decide? decision is usually made based on what is actually available to me at the time I have disposable income also available to me.
So it's no surprise that after I'd placed an order for F4's Mint Chocolate Chip, the next day their Pink Penguin became available so I snatched it up too!
It's a gorgeous black and white matte glitter with larger pink glitter. 
If you know me, you know I love me some pink.
So this is basically my perfect glitter.
I do believe that this polish here is meant to be a standalone.
However...I was doing a swatch-a-thon and didn't want the hassle of glitter removal from hell, so I opted to coat this over Zoya's Dove.

I love Zoya Dove - it's like the perfect cross between China Glaze Recycle and Pelican Gray.
The formula on this was a little runny and I had some pooling, but I can deal. This was two coats. It was a quick and dirty swatch and 3 would have been ideal, but since I knew I was layering this, I stopped at two and was happy. No top coat here. And sorry bout my wonky ringer - I had a snafoo.

Look at this pretty....this my friends, is Pink Penguin. Or Pink Penquin. Who knows. I'm confused.

Do you love it's awesomeness? This is one coat over Zoya Dove. It was a hungry glitter, I used Gelous and Out the Door and once that dried it was still bumpy. I can imagine 2 or 3 coats would be even hungrier. But you know this is gonna happen with full cover glitters. It's perfect. Just simply perfect. F4 is of course, on Etsy - and I should be having the other 2 polishes I ordered from them hitting the blog this week as well (that's for you Kirsten!).

Now...lemme just say one other thing before you scroll down to the next photo.
In the blog world, I cross my legs and don't put my elbows on the dinner table...
but in my real life I cuss like a sailor and talk about everyone in town.
So when my friend texted this to me earlier tonight, I couldn't NOT post it.
Sorry bout the effers in it!

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