Kitty Glitter!

Hello hello and Happy Wednesday!
Today I'm bringing you a twofer swatch request!
First up is Whimsical Ideas by Pam's Kitty Glitter!
She is taking the polish world by storm these days and I couldn't be happier.
I met Pam a few months back when she didn't really advertise making or selling her polishes, I just happened to ask and she said I could buy a couple. Back then she only had 100 or so fans on Facebook and now she's well over 1000! It makes me happy to see people have such great success in short periods of time! And it doesn't hurt that she is truly amazing at what she this day when Indie polishes are a dime a dozen and some leave a lot to be desired, she truly is an artist.
Anyway - enough gushing, right?! Check my archives to see several swatches of her polishes, and now enjoy Kitty Glitter!

Look at all of that gorgeous glitter in the baby blue milky jelly base!

How amazing?!?! This is 3 perfect coats.

Very amazing!

1 coat of top coat smooths her out like buttah. No grits here!

Now I'm gonna throw you a curveball!
This was another request I had - Catrice's No Smoke Without Fire. 
This polish is a black jelly from the Million Styles Collection.
It's a collection of 8 polishes meant to be toppers and polish changers.

1 coat of NSWOF over Kitty Glitter 
(not applied to ring finger so you can see the shade difference)

2 coats of NSWOF over Kitty Glitter 
(not applied to ring finger so you can see the shade difference)

2 coats of NSWOF over Kitty Glitter and 1 coat Top Coat.

Macro of the thumb.

Catrice is sold in Europe if you don't know!
Whimsical Ideas by Pam is sold in the US and can be purchased through email, which you can find on her Facebook page!

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Ends 6.15.2012 and is open Internationally!

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  1. very pretty..... great layering

  2. Love! I need some Kitty Glitter in my life and I have the Essence Smoke topcoat version of your Catrice one. Such an awesome combo! :)

  3. Beautiful! I definitely need to get some of her polishes! They all looks so awesome!

  4. I was looking through my Pinterest wish list and realized that you're responsible for a lot of my lemmings haha. Thank you for having such great taste in polish and great swatches!

    1. awww thank you! thats so sweet!! we have good taste!


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