Spam CAN be a good thing!

Late Sunday night I got the sudden urge to decoupage my Melmer's and add drawer liners to the drawers. I've had these for a few months now and the constant sliding of bottles everytime I open the drawers had finally taken it's toll on my organizational A.D.D.
So as I was organizing, I took some random pics and thought I'd share!

So first up are my new Melmer shots - I used some cool leopard wallpaper from a local shop in town:

And a random drawer opened to see the drawer liners. So much happier am I now!

Now - this was where my stash napped during this project! This is what 535 bottles of nail polish in a laundry basket looks like folks! My boyfriend estimated this weighed about 200 pounds.

And some random bottle shots I have from a month or so ago!

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  1. I ♥ Melmers! Great pics!

  2. Thanks! I always wondered what 500 bottles of nail polish in a laundry basket would look like! lol

    Also, very cute drawers!

  3. lol - that laundry basket is hilarious!!! xx

  4. i knoooow!
    but was the perfect thing to fit it all! nothing else was gonna do the job for sure!

  5. I love this!! It turned out super cute! ^.^

  6. I love the leopard wall paper you used.


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