Split Personality

This is a little older mani, it was my first experiment with striping tape as part of the mani and not just as a tool for a tape mani.
I liked it alright, but I need to figure out a way to keep that tape DOWN. Even after having done it a few times, I cannot keep that tape from peeling up.
I ripped those suckers off almost as soon as the camera was put down!

Zoya Veruschka, Pink Striping Tape and CND Raspberry Sparkle Effects.

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  1. Lol I had the same problem recently trying to use the tape in my mani for the first time! Part of my problem was that I was using normal scissors and I kept pulling up the tape when I tried to trim it :(

  2. Very cool, I haven't worn a tape mani, but I'm sure I would also rip it off right away

  3. If you find a way let me know! The only time i've worn striping tape successfully was in a cross, so there wasn't any pesky edges!

  4. ooooh very interesting - i love how you mix things up xx

  5. thanks ladies! ive read to put some top coat under the tape and then trim it. i will try that next!


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