Friday, May 4, 2012

Stashapalooza - Drawer 4!

On to Drawer 4 of 6 in my double stacked Melmers. 
This drawer consists of a bin of mini's & my Sephora/Pantone Tangerine Box Set, which I forgot to shoot for this, sorry.
The rest of the drawer is Color Club and Kleancolor. Two of my faves!

There's the drawer. This and my OPI/China Glaze drawer are the only ones that are basically full. They could probably squeeze in 1 or 2 more each. The minis are some Kleancolors, a few Dollish Polishes, Bon Bons and Claires Glitters. Oh and my Konad Black and White stamping polishes. And a couple OPI minis. Think that covers it. And then my Sephora/Pantone set. I think I've showed you that before though.

Hooray for Color Clubbin. I love this brand, great price point and really good quality. I mean, their holos are pretty awesome and not one of them cost me over 5 bucks. Not to mention the 3 different sets I've picked up for 3.99 each for 6 polishes. They have great base and top coats as well. 
Color Club count is at 33.

Some artsy shots.

My favorite bottle shot.

Kleancolors. Great quality, terrible smell. I can get past it though for their metallics and cool glitters.
Full size count is 23, minis I think are around 10..forgot to shot those too!

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