Thursday, May 10, 2012

Swatch Request - Funhouse!

Yesterday I showed you Julep Niecy and told you it was part of a layering combo. Today is that combo!
Here is another swatch request I received. This is called Funhouse and it is by Indie brand Dandy Nails.

For this swatch, I used a base of Julep Niecy. Sorry for the bottle shot on the totally nasty work towel I paint on!


Dandy Nails describes Funhouse as "Teal and Magenta Flakes with silver glitter suspended in a clear base".
It's simply stunning. These swatches are all one coat over Julep Niecy. There is 1 coat of Gelous followed by 1 coat of Jordana QDTC. Still slightly shardy/bumpy after those, but I pushed them down once the top coat was almost totally dry and they squished in nicely.
You can buy Dandy Nails polishes here, though I believe she is closed up til next week.

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Missy Molotov

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