Swatch Request - Julep Niecy

Last week I put out some feelers for you guys/gals to peek through my stash list and request swatches of any polishes I have. This month I will be swatching most of those requests. Depending on how well this idea is received I may or may not continue this as a regular concept on the blog.

Today's swatch is Niecy, by Julep.
If you don't know about Julep they are a nice little company that offers a monthly box program similar to Birchbox, but just polish/mani/pedi related items.
They are currently running a ONE CENT box promo for new customers too.
You can signup HERE and use code SHAREONMAY.

Julep calls Niecy "a bright pink" pretty straightforward. It is a nice hot pink. This pic seems to lean coral to me, but it's just straight pink in person. Very nice, this is ONE coat. I could have used two, but for one this is very nice. I only used one instead of two because I was layering it. And THAT you will see tomorrow.....

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