Swatch Request - KBShimmer Newsprint

Hey ya'll! Hope your day is going super!
Today is another swatch request day - this is one of my much adored indie polishes. It's called Newsprint, and it's by an awesome polish and soap making shop called KBShimmer!

Newsprint was swatched over a base of yesterdays swatch, Catrice's London's Weather Forecast.

Catrice: Londons Weather Forecast, 2 coats.

1 coat Newsprint over LWF.

Newsprint is comprised of a slate grey base with red, white and black bar glitters, red and silver holo square glitters, black hex glitters in multiple sizes and finished off with red, white, black and silver holo microglitters.
Totally amazing, right? Dare I say....AMAZEBALLS? I guess I will, even though that's not a word I say, it fits here. This is just one coat so there isn't an abundance of glitter, but they do come out fairly easy. I think this polish is one of those rare glitters that looks good in moderation as well as in excess! So do one coat, do 3, whatever you like! The base is very opaque. I've swatched this with no base color and it covered in 2 coats. It's really unique, dig it.

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