Swatch Request - SC I Miss You

I had to take a pass on Teal Tuesday today. As the founder of this day it makes me sad to miss it, but a few things happened against me!
1 - I had alot of work hours last week which meant I didn't get to play catch up and get ahead on my swatching and posts.
2 - It was my boyfriends birthday yesterday, so another day of no nail doings around here.
3 - Last night right before I was going to do my mani, I broke a nail on my dominant hand.

So there you go. The planets did not align in my favor this week.

So instead I'm bringing you a swatch post of a requested polish - Sinful Colors: I Miss You.
Unfortunately, I shot this indoors in my light box and it didn't pick up the multiple shades of glitter, but it does still look pretty good, just not the fantastic glitterbomb it really is in the sunlight!

Orly La Vida Loca and Sinful Colors I Miss You

Orly La Vida Loca - 2 Coats

La Vida Loca with 1 coat of SC I Miss You

It's really a gorgeous glitter with a pink jelly base. It won't get opaque on you though so I think it's better used as a layering polish or in a jelly sandwich maybe?

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