Teal Tuesdays - Marble!

Sooo....here we are on another Tuesday...it's Teal time, right?!?!

The girls voted Marble...I couldn't sway the vote. We all know I hate marbling. 
Water marbling is my biggest enemy, I haven't tried the drag/needle marbling yet but I don't necessarily love the way it looks. 
So all that was left was plastic wrap marbling. No big...I dig the look and it's easy.

I decided to use my newly acquired Zoya Zuza and Nails Inc's Portabello.

Teal and Coral really look great together...this...it's just ok. I think if the coral had been more opaque it would've brightened up, I did a few layers and marbled each one to get a nice color opacity in each shade.

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  1. You got this real cool texture! I love it!
    It reminds me of a ceramic pot I created many years ago and I used a color that needed a lower temperature then the oven I then had. so the color exploded in certain points and created this amazingly beautiful and unique texture, reveling the ceramic red under it :-D

  2. I like it. It's like grungy on a tropical vacation. (:

  3. it may not be what you wanted it to be but i think you've still ended up with something really interesting and unique - i quite like it ! even tho its teal! x

    1. thanks!! i do like it for what it is for sure, it reminds me of a terracotta planter.

  4. I love this color combo! And the graphic at the top is amazing! :)


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